These knives are available.
If you have any questions, or would like additional photos, notify me via the contact page. 

Note: Right click and open the picture in a new tab to see full size photos. 

All measurements are aproximate.

All sheaths are made of 2,5mm rawhide leather, unless stated otherwise. 

How to order:  Send me a message in the contact form with the number of the knife you are interested in.

*The shipping included is with tracking, and insurance in Norway.*

Handle of bog oak and a patternwelded bolster. 
Mosaic damascus from Daniluk.
Sheath of rawhide leather and bog oak. 
Blade length: 24.9 cm.
Handle length: 14.5 cm.
Price: 17500 nok, shipping in Norway included.

Handle of stabilized mammoth tooth, buffalo horn and poplar.
Patternwelded stainless steel blade by Vaka.
Blade length: 7.9 cm.
Handle length: 11.8 cm.
Price: 8295 nok, shipping in Norway included.

Handle of colored mammoth tooth and mammoth ivory. 
Coral inlay in rear bolster.
Mosaic damascus blade from Daniluk.
Video of the sheath can be viewed at the video gallery.
Blade length: 25,6 cm.
Handle length: 14.1 cm.
Awarded with a 1.price at Dyrskun knife competition 2019.
Price: 17850 nok, shipping in Norway included.

Handle stabilized mammoth tooth and carved poplar burl bolsters.
Patternwelded blade from Styrefors. More pictures in the "Details" gallery.
Blade length: 16.3 cm.
Handle length: 12.8 cm.
Price: 9950 nok, shipping in Norway included. 

Handle of cast plant fibre and camel bone. 
Stainless steel blade from Morten H. 
Blade length: 7.2 cm.
Handle length: 9 cm.
Price: 1750 nok, shipping in Norway included. 

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